Accidental and Unplanned Releases

EnviroComp Consulting, Inc. has investigated more than a hundred cases of accidental releases of chemicals in the atmosphere. These studies generally require a multi-disciplinary team with: a chemical engineer performing accident reconstruction and emission characterization; a combustion engineer calculating the products of combustion (for fires/explosions); a meteorologist performing a meteorological characterization of the event; a plume modeler calculating the ambient concentration impact of the release; and a GIS expert visualizing the results.

We have developed unique skills and experience in investigating accidental releases in a rigorous scientific manner, yet providing a cost-effective performance.

Selected Projects

Highway 5 Traffic Collision

A fatal traffic collision occurred at 5:10 PM Local Time on October 13, 2009, along the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 within 1 mile north of State Route 119 in Kern County, California. A total of 11 vehicles collided, and 6 of the vehicles caught fire. [Read More]

BioLab Fire

On May 25, 2004, a warehouse containing pool chemicals at the BioLab, Inc. facility in Conyers, GA, experienced a fire. This caused the evacuation of an area nearly 1 mile downwind of the facility and the shutdown of I-20 for several hours. [Read More]

TOSCO-Carson Refinery Fire

At approximately 4:49 p.m. on Monday, April 23, 2001, a fire broke out in the Coker processing unit at Tosco's Los Angeles Refinery, Carson Plant. A series of litigation cases against TOSCO et al. arose from this event. [Read More]

Monsanto Case

On September 18, 1998, at about 10:38 AM local time, at the Monsanto Company Plant in Luling, LA, a pipe nipple fractured allowing a release of ammonia gas into the atmosphere. [Read More]

The Atmospheric Release on January 5, 2001 from a Chemical Facility in Geismar, LA

This incident was initiated by a power outage within the chemical facility that resulted in a loss of the instrument air supply for the plant. [Read More]

Traffic Collision and Visibility Issues, Fresno County, CA

On Saturday, 16 October 2004 a traffic collision occurred on California Avenue, 100 feet east of Bryan Avenue in Fresno County. At the time of this collision there was large cloud of dust covering the roadway. [Read More]

Possible Airborne Contamination of Legionella Bacteria in the Lens Region of France

In the period November 6, 2003 - January 4, 2004 outbreaks of Legionella epidemics were reported in the Lens region of France. [Read More]

Arts St. Fire in New Orleans, LA

A warehouse fire in New Orleans, LA on May 14, 2004 produced a visible plume that traveled in the neighboring areas. About 1,000 Plaintiffs claimed adverse effects caused by the chemicals in the fire plume. [Read More]