Geographic Visualization, Animation, and Geocoding

We are very proud of our visualization capabilities. We use the most advanced visualization tools to illustrate our results in technical reports and PowerPoint presentations. All our geographical results are organized and displayed with a GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software tools. We often prepare a 3D animation of the site under investigation and the dynamics of the pollution events. We use geocoding software to map points of interests (often thousands of points) from street addresses.

Selected Projects

BioLab Fire

On May 25, 2004, a warehouse containing pool chemicals at the BioLab, Inc. facility in Conyers, GA, experienced a fire. This caused the evacuation of an area nearly 1 mile downwind of the facility and the shutdown of I-20 for several hours. [Read More]

TOSCO-Carson Refinery Fire

At approximately 4:49 p.m. on Monday, April 23, 2001, a fire broke out in the Coker processing unit at Tosco's Los Angeles Refinery, Carson Plant. A series of litigation cases against TOSCO et al. arose from this event. [Read More]

Air Quality Issues in the Beverly Hills High School Area, Beverly Hills, CA

This is a litigation case in which plaintiffs claim that local industrial emission in Beverly Hills, CA have impacted the area surrounding Beverly Hills High School. [Read More]

Possible Airborne Contamination of Legionella Bacteria in the Lens Region of France

In the period November 6, 2003 - January 4, 2004 outbreaks of Legionella epidemics were reported in the Les region of France. [Read More]

Traffic Collision and Visibility Issues, Fresno County, CA

On Saturday, 16 October 2004 a traffic collision occurred on California Avenue, 100 feet east of Bryan Avenue in city Unincorporated in Fresno County. At the time of this collision there was large cloud of dust covering the roadway. [Read More]

Proposed Andrade Road Composting Facility in Sunol, CA

In 2006, the Alameda County Waste Authority and Board proposed the construction of the Andrade Road Composting Facility in Sunol, CA. [Read More]

Monsanto Case

On September 18, 1998, at about 10:38 AM local time, at the Monsanto Company Plant in Luling, LA, a pipe nipple fractured allowing a release of ammonia gas into the atmosphere. [Read More]

Fisher et al. v. Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp. et al. - Case Study in McIntosh, AL

The plaintiffs in this case were claiming property damage resulting from DDT emissions from the Ciba facility in McIntosh, Alabama. [Read More]

The Atmospheric Release on January 5, 2001 from a Chemical Facility in Geismar, LA

This incident was initiated by a power outage within the chemical facility that resulted in a loss of the instrument air supply for the plant. [Read More]

The Development of AERMOD-Ready Meteorological Data for the SCAQMD

EnviroComp developed meteorological input files that will fill the same role for AERMOD as those currently maintained by AQMD for use with ISCST3, to be downloadable by modelers for regulatory applications of AERMOD within the AQMD. [Read More]

Evaluation of Possible Agricultural Damage from Alleged Herbicide Drift from a Crop Duster

This litigation case dealt with alleged herbicide drift of pesticides from a crop duster, with consequent damage over young tomato plantings. [Read More]