Ipiranga Shell Site, Brasil


In 2005, EnviroComp Consulting, Inc. was retained by Shell International Limited to provide technical advice on issues concerned with air quality claims (Notice of Infraction for odors) by the Federal General Attorney's Office in Brasil with respect of the Ipiranga site. As part of our work in this case, we visited the site and prepared a survey of odor-related regulations and litigation cases (US and international). We also collected local meteorological data and studied the meteorological conditions during the days of the alleged infractions.

We analyzed the air quality measurements collected at the site (e.g., benzene) and concluded that the measured air quality levels of benzene were similar to those routinely found in urban areas and in indoor environments throughout the world. Similar conclusions were found for the other measured chemicals (Toluene, m,p- xylene, o-xylene, Ethylbenzene, Chlorobenzene, 1,2,4- TMB).