Regulatory and Planning Studies

We have worked on many projects involved in regulatory and planning scenarios. We are experts in using EPA-approved regulatory models in order to project future planned impacts. On other projects we have determined the future impact on sensitive receptors from proposed source construction.

Selected Projects

Prediction of the Transport of Toxic Agents Over Urban and Rural Areas in Kuwait

In December 2002, Dr. Paolo Zannetti was invited to visit Kuwait City by the Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research for the purpose of developing a gas dispersion model and emergency response system for the state of Kuwait. [Read More]

Proposed Andrade Road Composting Facility in Sunol, CA

In 2006, the Alameda County Waste Authority and Board proposed the construction of the Andrade Road Composting Facility in Sunol, CA. [Read More]

Comparative Study of Air Pollution Impact from two Chimneys in Southeast Bulgaria

Hadek Protective Systems retained the services of EnviroComp Consulting, Inc. to model the impacts of different emission scenarios for the Maritsa East 2 Power Station, Units 5 & 6 in Southeast Bulgaria. [Read More]

The Development of AERMOD-Ready Meteorological Data for the SCAQMD

EnviroComp developed meteorological input files that will fill the same role for AERMOD as those currently maintained by AQMD for use with ISCST3, to be downloadable by modelers for regulatory applications of AERMOD within the AQMD. [Read More]