“I had the most fortunate opportunity recently to work with Paolo Zannetti and the staff of EnviroComp on a complex pesticide drift case which involved a multitude of experts on both sides. Before trial, Dr. Zannetti and his staff were always prepared, available and willing to discuss and explain any issue that came up. At trial, Dr. Zannetti was able to simplify very complex scientific principles and calculations into language and exhibits easily understood by the jury -- all of which contributed to the defense verdict.”

Michael Lewton, Esq.
Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP

“In a complex CERCLA Action for air dispersion of contaminants over a 100 square mile area, I engaged Dr. Zannetti and the EnviroComp Team to produce the air dispersion models for this matter to present to the CERCLA mediator, opposing parties and to the Court at trial. Due to the easily understood presentation of the complex air dispersion modeling material produced and presented by Dr. Zannetti, among other factors, the case proceeded to settlement. I would never use another air dispersion expert in my complex environmental cases.”

Tim Swickard, Esq.
Lewis Brisbois LLP and former Director of Cal/EPA DTSC

“We worked with EnviroComp, and Dr. Zannetti in particular, on a case involving alleged exposures to toxic chemicals in the work place. Dr. Zannetti not only did a terrific job teaching our attorneys about the complicated computational fluid dynamic modeling principles and techniques involved, but more importantly in identifying the various errors in plaintiffs' models that purported to simulate high indoor concentrations of the involved chemicals. As a result, we ultimately won motions in limine to exclude the erroneous plaintiffs' models. Dr. Zannetti was knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with, and I recommend him without hesitation.”

Erin L. Burke, Esq.

“I have had the great pleasure of knowing Dr. Zannetti for over twenty years. I have worked with him on numerous occasions in my civil defense litigation practice. Dr. Zannetti is on my 'A+' list of consultants on whom I rely for expertise in atmospheric science issues. I recommend Dr. Zannetti without reservation to any colleagues who may need expert consulting services for any issues involving air dispersion modeling or atmospheric science.”

Glenn Farnet, Esq.
Kean Miller LLP

“EnviroComp provided invaluable analysis and support concerning critical, highly complex air modeling issues. Its approach to litigation related questions was meticulous and insightful. Its staff, especially Paolo Zannetti, consistently exhibited flexibility, imagination and responsiveness to needs and requests.”

Anthony Delling, Esq.

“Dr. Zannetti is an absolute professional who did careful, reliable air modeling work for our client. His work was extremely helpful and valuable and I would happily engage him again in the future.”

J. Hoke ("Trey") Peacock III, Esq.
Susman Godfrey, L.L.P.

“In a Class Action suit for alleged personal injuries caused by an industrial fire, Paolo and the EnviroComp Team were able to not only teach the attorneys the science of atmospheric dispersion but also educate the Court to the extent that the Plaintiff’s Expert was denied Expert status and the Class was not certified.”

W. Glenn Burns, Esq.
The Willis Law Group

“Since I started working with Paolo Zannetti approximately 20 years ago, he has been my 'go to' air modeler in litigation involving accidental releases from refineries and chemical plants. Dr. Zannetti and EnviroComp are responsive to the clients’ needs and produce accurate and scientifically sound results. The litigation support services they provide are outstanding, and Dr. Zannetti is one of the most likeable and understandable expert witnesses in the field. In every case in which we have retained Dr. Zannetti, we have successfully resolved the case - either through trial or settlement. I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Zannetti and EnviroComp.”

Brad Myers, Esq.
Kean Miller LLP

“1. Outstanding graphics and deep analysis in support.
2. A true scientist, with great personal style.”

William F. Kiniry, Jr., Esq.
DLA Piper

“EnviroComp, and particularly Dr. Zannetti, played a pivotal role in a very large case in which we represented more than 100 potato and sugar beet growers. The growers’ crops were damaged when a potent herbicide applied to government lands attached to wind-blown soil particles that were deposited on farms as much as 50 miles away. Dr. Zannetti’s modeling of the deposition of contaminated soil particles, and related trial testimony, were essential to the successful outcome. Dr. Zannetti also convincingly rebutted the contrary opinion of the opposing expert.”

Douglas Abbott, Esq.
Holland & Hart

“Dr. Zannetti’s air models have been invaluable in refuting plaintiffs’ exposure and dose allegations. He is able to convey complex scientific principles in a clear, concise manner that is understandable to both attorneys, the court and jurors.”

Jeffrey Vinnick, Esq.
Haight Brown and Bonesteel LLP

“I worked with Paolo Zannetti on a very complex and difficult air contamination case. I found Paolo to be a very thoughtful, knowledgeable air modeler who was very responsive and easy to work with. I recommend him highly.”

R. Morgan Gilhuly, Esq.
Barg Coffin Lewis & Trapp, LLP

“The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) has had a long cooperation with Dr. Paolo Zannetti. This cooperation started back in 1981, when he joined KISR as leading research scientist in the field of air pollution. He conducted the first comprehensive air pollution study in Kuwait. During his stay, he trained many scientists and this activity lead to the establishment of the air pollution department of KISR. Dr. Zannetti visited KISR several times afterwards as a consultant for major, sensitive projects. His vast experience in several aspects of air pollution sciences, especially simulation modeling of air pollutant dispersion, in addition to his dedication and devotion to the assigned tasks, gave our clients and us more confidence in the scientific outcome of our research. Dr. Paolo Zannetti has been and will always be our leading consultant.”

Dr. Mane Al-Sudairawi, Department Manager
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research